Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ongoing work

Painters finished in a week.  Paintwork was terrible and we had to ask Bill McDonald to make them do it properly. All the doors needed to be sanded back and repainted with a brush finish - they originally had the orange peel effect as the painters only used a roller.

The tilers laid the large floor tiles and did a beautiful job. Very happy we managed to get their best tilers as 3/4 of the house is tiled.

The house has been cleaned and the carpet was laid on 18 March. 

Unfortunately we now have a bigger issue with the brickwork.  Since the bricks were cleaned on 30/11/10 the bricks have slowly turned yellow.  It turns out that the bricks have Acid Burn due to incorrect cleaning.  This is a separate issue to the original problem when too much pressure was used which blasted dozens of holes in the mortar.

The acid burn can be fixed by the use of Phosphoric Acid but this chemical can damage powdercoated aluminium windows and doors. We have been assured MJH will fix the problem but we are devastated that it has happened and very worried at the mess we will end up with. 

Our beautiful house has turned into our worst nightmare. We have spent such a large amount of money and we are so disappointed with what we have ended up with.

Our PCI is booked for Monday 28/3/11 but I cannot see a handover taking place any time soon.

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