Thursday, September 30, 2010

Frame started

We arrived at the block on Tuesday and nearly all the frame was standing. We met Bob the builder  who showed us around. It is great to have such an experienced team erecting the frame - true blue tradies.  As we have already built 3 homes, it was great seeing the quick progress with the steel frame. The builder loves working with steel too. 

Today they have started building the roof on the ground which will be then be lifted by crane.  We hope it will arrive on Friday.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Frame Delivered

We received a message at 1pm from Amanda.  Our frame had arrived.  Melissa had told us yesterday that the pest control was being done.  We arrived after work and the frame was stacked on the slab and in the front - there is a lot of steel.  The framers had already marked out the position of the walls so are ready to start.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Stormwater and sewer connected

Our plumbers arrived at 7.30am to dig the trenches for the stormwater and sewer pipes.  They also ran pipes for the water and recycled water from the boundary to the slab. Great weather for building!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Slab Poured

I received an SMS from my great neighbour Amanda to say the concreters had started pouring the slab at 6.30am.  I was on my way to golf so Garry went out to take photos for me.  It was all completed by 2.00pm.  It was a great relief to see the weather stay fine all day when they had predicted rain.  It looks really great and a lot bigger than it did with the formwork.

Slab completed

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Slab ready to pour

Wow - progress is great. Our waffles and reinforcing was delivered on Friday as expected.  We had been told by our concreter that he wanted to pour on Monday but we thought that was not possible.  We were greatly surprised to find today at 2.00pm that the plumbing had been done and the slab prepared.  We even met the Engineer on site who came in specially to approve it - they don't normally work on Saturdays. 

Slab ready to pour

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Piering completed

It is all happening! We arrived at 11.00am as requested by our SS and met the team drilling the piers. The Water Board had already inspected the drilling in the zone of influence at the rear and the concreter then arrived.  We measured the pier depth and it came in at 78 metres  - this was 28 metres over our 50metre allowance.  Pier holes ranged from 1.2m to 1.7m but we were more than happy to pay the extra as this gives a very solid base for the slab.

The Engineer then arrived to check the piers as well and then the piers were filled with concrete.  It was all finished by 2.00pm and then it started to rain lightly. 

Piering completed

Our SS also arrived to check on the progess and discuss the next steps which will be the plumbing and forming up for the slab.  Hopefully the weather will clear to allow this all to happen tomorrow.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting Started

Since levelling the site on Wednesday things are progressing nicely. Water was connected on Friday and then the sediment mesh on Saturday. While visiting on Sunday to take photos, we met two more lovely neighbours and caught up with Amanda who is giving us daily updates via our community website.

The fencing went up on Tuesday and the port-a-loo arrived on Thursday.

On Thursday we received an update from Melissa at MJH advising the next step will be the slab pegout and piers and then the slab.  Our frame is scheduled to arrive on 17 September.  Hopefully the rain will stop today and the work will not be held up too much.

Saturday - Signage installed

 View from back fence of 7th Green